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News and Announcements

Upcoming 8th Grade Activities

8th Grade Families: As the end of the year approaches we would like all our 8th grade students and families to stay up to date with all upcoming activities. Please check out this calendar with all of the important dates for your students.

Upcoming Events in April and May

Have you checked out this month's calendar? April is a busy month and we want you all to be a part of the exciting events and activities we have planned for you! From Family Art Night next week to the Family Fun Fiesta on May 4th, we have different events for you to enjoy with your entire family AT SCHOOL!

Parent-Teacher Conferences are This Week

Are you prepared for parent-teacher conferences? Please be sure to check with your teacher or main office if your child has re-enrolled for the next academic school year. You can also talk to your teacher about how you can help your class during the Family Fun Fiesta!

Cisneros Students Demand Kindness

A tradition that began last year by Ms. Osuna and her Kindergarten class, became a campus-wide event that united our entire school community. Students of all grades and teachers alike marched on April 4th to demand more kindness in the world. This year, we dedicated our march to DACA recipients. We hope to educate our students to be agents of social change who are aware of the world around them, and our students put this into action during the 2018 Kindness March.

Family Game Night is on Tuesday, March 6th!

Join is in this Family Event to spend time with your students and their teachers, and learn about fun games and activities that you can play at home to help your child improve their math and reading skills!
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